Attic Mold Removal

When people think about mold removal in a home the first place that comes to mind is usually the basement or the bathroom. Attic mold occurs as well and if untreated can become a massive problem for the homeowner. Attic mold can develop for several reasons. NW Mold Removal experts in Portland, Seattle and surrounding areas will identify and remove the damage quickly and cost efficiently.

Attic mold develops due to poor ventilation, roof, siding or window leakage, insufficient insulation and poorly installed insulation. If there’s insufficient ventilation or the home’s venting has been installed incorrectly, the warm, moist air from the bathroom, kitchen and dryer can rise into the attic. This warm, moist air mixes with the cooler attic air during winter months and can create a condensation issue that can lead to serious issues.

At NW Mold Removal, our experts will fully diagnose the problem, determine the most appropriate solution and implement the solution by giving you unmatched mold removal services. We are experts at removal and work with precision and care. As a licensed, insured, and bonded company, we take the extra steps to provide you with quality work for your residence or office, so you can return to enjoying your home or office.

Until the moisture problem has been corrected, the issue can’t be eliminated completely. You can clean the space but until the moisture issue has been removed the problem will return. Mold removal in the attic is challenging also due to limited space especially with a sloped space. Once the ventilation system is repaired or the roof leak fixed, the experts at NW Mold Removal can begin the process of mold removal.

The space will need to be sealed off for cleaning. The moldy areas will need to be disinfected, we may need to run dehumidifiers and the space must completely dry to prevent future growth. The NW Mold Removal experts may spray a prevention solution to thwart future growth. Our team consists of certified technicians who work every day to exceed our client’s expectations of amazing customer service in Seattle, Portland and surrounding areas.

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